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Mandy Red- "MandyFestation" ornaments "If you can see it in your mind, You can hold it in your hand" by Mandy Red


*Set Yourself Free-Mandy Red Manifestation/MandyFestation ... "If You can see it in your mind, You can hold it in your hand." by Mandy Red - whatever you put your mind to is attainable, It's YOURS!


Add a cozy vibe to your home with these double-sided wooden ornaments. Made from Hinoki wood, they’re durable yet lightweight and soft to the touch.

• Material: solid, natural Hinoki wood
• Ornament thickness 0.37″ (9 mm)
• Comes with a red ribbon and a hole to thread it through
• Magnetic back
• Two-sided print
• Product sourced from Korea

Mandy Red- "MandyFestation" Wooden ornaments

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